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    The importance of digital presence for estate agencies

    While much of an estate agent’s duties involves networking locally, building rapport on the phone and maintaining a jovial demeanour for client interactions, getting things right on the internet requires an entirely different set of skills compared to when you’re dealing with people face to face. As we covered in a previous article, a well designed, SEO-friendly site is the first cornerstone to establishing your presence online, but that’s not the end of the story. Here are some tips to make sure you make the right impression online so that new clients come flocking to your doors. Colour scheme: As
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    Real estate photography in a nutshell

    Whether you’re an estate agent looking to photograph a landlord’s property or a homeowner taking photographs before selling and relocating, one rule is absolute: good pictures are an important ingredient for securing a property sale. In this digital era, more and more people are looking for houses online and therefore expect a selection of high quality images to help them to make their mind up about a property. Because of this, some estate agents are even opting to create virtual tours in order to market their property. While hiring a professional photographer is the ideal course of action, this
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    Tips for opening your estate agency with a bang

    Starting your own business is always a daunting prospect, and your mind is likely to entertain fears and doubts. Hopefully, the expectations of earning a significant income, providing genuine value to your customers and being your own boss are enticing enough to quell any anxieties and give you the impetus to move forward with passion. As the saying goes, “home is where the heart is”, and with a bit of hard work and careful planning, you’ll soon be providing a long list of happy customers with new places to enjoy their lives, as well as earning a great income
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  • EDITED Property Let Blog iStock_000047914248Large 13 October 2014

    The letting agent’s guide for finding tenants and landlords

    According to the latest census figures, the proportion of UK households being rented has increased in the past decade from 31 per cent to 36 per cent. In popular areas such as Westminster, one in every four households is rented! With such a high demand for rental accommodation, estate agencies are making a substantial profit from renting out buy-to-let properties. If you are looking to become successful at renting properties, there are two things you’ll need: tenants and landlords. Here are some top tips for making sure that you have plenty of homes to fill, and plenty of people
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    4 growing corporate social responsibility trends

    When you think about the business world, the first thing that probably comes to mind is profits. And while there’s nothing wrong with a profitable business — employees need to be paid and shareholders need to be rewarded for their investment — problems start to occur when a business puts its focus on profits at the expense of everything else. In recent years there has been a growing demand, both from shareholders and the general public, for businesses to behave in a more socially and environmentally responsible way. Now corporate social responsibility has snowballed into a global movement – 
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    How brands sell us things we want but don’t necessarily need

    When we set out to buy something, our decision to make the purchase can be far more influenced by the fact that we want that product or service rather than needing it. This all comes down to the way in which companies or brands sell things to us. It involves far more than simple advertising and there are many complex and clever ways in which brands really get to the heart of what we want as consumers and more importantly, what makes us feel good. Here are four core ways in which brands can achieve this. Tapping into Emotions Apple
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  • Rosy HOlt edited

    So your customer complaints department is quiet

    Guest blog from Rosy Holt, managing director at Ticking All Boxes, which helps companies identify and resolve problems in their business. So your customer complaints department is quiet, so quiet that it must prove that everything is swimming along beautifully and that everyone is delighted with the service and products you are offering, time to sit back and have a well-earned cup of tea don’t you think?   Umm well that really depends on your point of view. Let’s look at it from another angle, say your customer service department is manic, the phones are ringing off the hook, the
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  • glass ceiling edited

    Women on boards

    Yet again there is coverage in the media about boards falling short of hiring women and the debate about quotes and merit rumbles on. Merit is the best measure by which to recruit. In an ideal world, performance alone informs the decision. Quotas are disliked by almost everyone; no one values tokenism. No one should be excluded from boardroom positions or senior jobs, so long as they have the requisite qualifications, skills and experience. All of which begs the question of whether the business world is governed by merit? Has the legacy of several centuries of female repression been
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