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Several years ago, infographics saw a surge in popularity. However, with everyone under the sun jumping on the bandwagon in order to bolster the presence of their brands, the inevitable happened: the web became saturated with terribly written, poorly designed infographics. While this has led some people to become  disenchanted with infographics, it’s important to remember that a genre of music is not to blame just because the artists within it are underwhelming. Provided you pick the right topic, conduct adequate research, and design an infographic intelligently, it can be an incredibly powerful medium of content marketing. Here are some examples where PR and marketing professionals have used infographics to their advantage.

MarketoThe Walking Dead Survival Guide for Marketers

Vicariously gaining exposure from a hit TV show has been a strategy employed by many infographic designers – for example, the number of Game of Thrones related infographics is truly enormous. While this strategy can come across as misdirected and tactless, sometimes it produces spectacular results.

Such is the case with Marketo’s infographic, inspired by AMC’s hit TV series The Walking Dead. Stunning visuals aside, it’s astounding that the design team were able to draw parallels between an apocalyptic world where zombies roam the earth and present-day corporate marketing without it being forced or contrived.

It’s in situations like this that infographics as a medium are so useful. Imagine if this information was presented as a simple list format blog post with top tips for your marketing strategy. It simply would not receive anywhere near the same level of engagement and publicity.

LinkedIn SolutionsA Well-Balanced Blog
As with the previous article, the marvel of this infographic is that it draws parallels between two seemingly unrelated areas: healthy eating and blog writing. By choosing a food group to represent each of the different types of blog content, the design team is able to convey the importance of having a balanced blog with content that appeals to all types of readers. The visuals are also great – from the subtle shadows to the excellent photography – and wouldn’t look out of place in a cooking book. This implies that the food photographs were taken specifically for this infographic, demonstrating the high level of dedication it must have taken to create such a work of art.

Vertical ResponsePress Releases Do’s and Don’ts
While some infographics aim to excite and entertain, others such as this aim to inform. The beauty of this infographic is the simplicity of the design. Thanks to its clear structure, a viewer would only need to scan the infographic to get some excellent nuggets of wisdom. This is the kind of infographic that leaves people feeling enhanced with information that they can immediately integrate into their press releases. In a world where attention spans are growing shorter by the day, an infographic where key knowledge can be communicated in a matter of seconds is a wonderful asset.

Agnes and DayThe 10 New Rules of Crisis Communications
Crisis communications are an integral part of any corporation’s PR strategy. However, this is a multifaceted subject which can’t be truly understood in only a couple of minutes. Instead of reading a textbook about the subject, this infographic by Agnes and Day provides a great introduction to crisis communications. This enables the viewer to learn the key facets of a good crisis communications strategy in 10 simple, easy to follow steps. Following a similar structure to a blog post, the information is succinct and digestible but also actionable and informative.

Despite the influx of bad infographics, the medium still enables viewers to understand difficult or complex topics which would take much longer to interpret when conveyed in a textual format. When following the rules of infographic design and promoting properly, infographics are an excellent asset to any content marketing strategy.

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