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  • Put your brand on the map with an app

    Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’re probably highly aware of the increased prevalence of smartphones in modern society, as well as the countless apps that can be instantaneously downloaded from the internet and run on them. In getting with the times, many companies have commissioned their own smartphone apps to raise the profile of their brand, allowing them to tap into an emerging audience via this fantastic technology. Provide value: As with most facets of digital marketing, the key to a brilliant app is to provide genuine value to your audience, without promoting yourself too overtly. In the
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  • How brands sell us things we want but don’t necessarily need

    When we set out to buy something, our decision to make the purchase can be far more influenced by the fact that we want that product or service rather than needing it. This all comes down to the way in which companies or brands sell things to us. It involves far more than simple advertising and there are many complex and clever ways in which brands really get to the heart of what we want as consumers and more importantly, what makes us feel good. Here are four core ways in which brands can achieve this. Tapping into Emotions Apple
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  • Brand integrity and PR in the digital age

    Expanding your company’s online presence can be one of the core elements of a successful public relations campaign. As digital and online avenues become increasingly dominant in business communications today, it is important to give attention to strengthening your brand’s identity online and especially to ensuring that you maintain a high degree of brand integrity. Increasing brand awareness has numerous advantages, including: increased customer loyalty, greater interaction with your client base, increased feedback on products and services, instant product recognition, easier introduction of new products and many more. Unfortunately, by misrepresenting or poorly presenting your brand online, people will
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