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  • Creating thought leadership content

    Thought leaders aren’t just people who generate content, they’re the people who drive conversations, shape perceptions and influence others in their industry. Creating thought leadership content establishes you as the go-to source for expertise in your field. Established thought leaders become the brands that people trust, the brands that people buy, and the first voices that are sought out. Being a thought leader differentiates you and your business from your competitors, but it’s not something you can stumble upon – establishing yourself as a thought leader requires diligent, cumulative effort. Originality is key to creating thought leadership content –
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  • Creating social media friendly press room

    Would you be surprised to hear that over 50 per cent of journalists use Twitter for finding or researching stories and that over 65 per cent use Facebook and LinkedIn? Or that 89% say they turn to blogs for research? Or that Google is journalists’ top ranked tool when working on stories, with 100 per cent saying they use it for research? The fact is that probably none of these figures come as a surprise. It’s common knowledge that Twitter is now big for breaking new stories, and who doesn’t use Google for research on an almost daily basis?
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