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  • Facebook ad splittesting

    An introduction to split testing Facebook ads

    In a previous article, we stated that a lack of split testing can cause the downfall of Facebook ad campaigns. Advertising is often based on assumptions rather than data, and if these assumptions are wrong, costs can quickly start to accumulate. The good thing about Facebook advertising is you can test your assumptions at a low cost before you commit to pumping more money into your campaigns. Once you find the right ad, which connects with the right audience, and this is verified by the metrics (such as CTR, CPC and purchases), then you’re ready to start scaling your advertising.
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  • Facebook for business

    There might be some monks on a mountain somewhere who haven’t heard of Facebook. Nearly everyone else seems to have an account – which means if you aren’t at least exploring Facebook for clients you could be missing a trick. Campaigns can be run for little outlay but can garner widespread attention if done correctly. Facebook allows companies to communicate directly with their consumers. Your page is your voice. The message, then The key to using Facebook for business is to craft the right message. Don’t imagine that you know best –  meticulous research of your customers and what
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