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  • Google+

    Google+ and business

    As we’ve established already, different social media platforms require different strategies and a flexible approach. There is no one-size-fits-all solution – rather you need to show a willingness to adapt. Simply pushing the same message in the same way on the wrong platform will actually put users off, something you can’t afford. Google+ is the focus of the latest of our pieces on social media and business, and the numbers suggest it is home to over 2 billion users. There is some dispute over its actual popularity (allegedly only ten percent of its users are classed as ‘active’) but
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  • Delete button

    The right to be forgotten online

    Imagine that, as a company boss, there is old, potentially damaging information online,  that could affect your brand reputation and tarnish what you and your team have spent years trying to perfect.  Now there may be a solution – the right to be forgotten. In 2014, the European Court of Justice (ECJ) delivered its historic ruling on the ‘right to be forgotten’. It related to the individual’s right to have content about them removed from the internet so that it can be ‘forgotten’ for good. According to Google’s Transparency Report, this has resulted in around 1,600,000 links being evaluated,
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