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  • Make the most of earned and paid for media

    In a previous article, we discussed how the art of storytelling can be used as a powerful PR tool. In the digital era, we have more communication channels available to us than ever before, enabling us to formulate our PR programmes in a variety of ways in order to make the maximum impact and reach our target audience. Know your audience: As every marketer is probably aware, building rapport with your audience serves as an important foundation for business success. By using site analytics, customer surveys and general market research, you should be able to figure out the ways
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  • 4 alternative approaches to infographic design

    In a previous article, we demonstrated how the integration of infographics into your digital content marketing campaign can bring wonderful results for your business, particularly in terms of raising the profile of your brand and improving the SEO ranking of your site. Arguably the most popular use of an infographic is to visualise data, whether it be the results of a survey or statistics of consumerism – infographics can be used to communicate a wide range of information succinctly. One example of an excellent data visualisation infographic that went super-viral is the Death and Taxes infographic by Timeplots. This infographic
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  • 5 key elements of a superb email pitch

    When devising an effective outreach strategy, the email pitch is one of the most important weapons in your arsenal. So, what steps can be made to ensure that your email pitch is well received and doesn’t fall into the pile of pitches that are deleted on sight? While there is no magic formula to ensure your email pitches are wonderfully successful, there are certain steps you can take to maximise your chances! Compelling subject line The subject line is the primary factor in determining whether your email pitch gets read or gets binned! A good subject line should be
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