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  • Sketching visual content ideas

    How to write excellent infographic content

    Once upon a time, when the infographic was in its infancy, you could easily create a simple infographic and garner a lot of attention from it. Today, however, with the ubiquity of infographics it takes a lot more skill and thought to create something that stands out from the crowd. In this post, we delve into the subject of creating excellent, stand-out infographic content. Target audience Like most content creation, your first action should be deciding who your target audience is going to be. Writing in Kiss Metrics, Neil Patel says, “Coming up with an infographic idea is half the
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  • The word share on different coloured backgrounds

    How do I promote my infographic?

    Infographics are powerful tools for communicating information in a way that resonates with today’s internet users. By using a combination of visual imagery and concise text, you can really get your message across and engage people in a way that simply isn’t possible with textual content. While it’s all well and good taking the time to create an awesome infographic, what do you do when the infographic is complete? If you want to generate engagement with your infographic and boost the awareness of your brand, promotion is just as important as design. Jeff Bullas states, “Due to infographics attractiveness
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  • How to harness the power of visual content

    Technological advances such as the rapid adoption of mobile internet access has helped to dramatically lower our attention spans as a species. One study by Microsoft even suggested that the average human now loses his or her focus quicker than a goldfish! In order to survive in this digital world of instant stimulation, new marketing strategies need to be innovated. One of the easiest ways to cut through the noise and grab people’s attention is to use visual content. Because 90% of information transmitted to the brain is visual, it makes sense to use content which resonates with people
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  • Best Infographics

    Several years ago, infographics saw a surge in popularity. However, with everyone under the sun jumping on the bandwagon in order to bolster the presence of their brands, the inevitable happened: the web became saturated with terribly written, poorly designed infographics. While this has led some people to become  disenchanted with infographics, it’s important to remember that a genre of music is not to blame just because the artists within it are underwhelming. Provided you pick the right topic, conduct adequate research, and design an infographic intelligently, it can be an incredibly powerful medium of content marketing. Here are
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  • 4 alternative approaches to infographic design

    In a previous article, we demonstrated how the integration of infographics into your digital content marketing campaign can bring wonderful results for your business, particularly in terms of raising the profile of your brand and improving the SEO ranking of your site. Arguably the most popular use of an infographic is to visualise data, whether it be the results of a survey or statistics of consumerism – infographics can be used to communicate a wide range of information succinctly. One example of an excellent data visualisation infographic that went super-viral is the Death and Taxes infographic by Timeplots. This infographic
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  • Making an impact with an infographic

    In recent years, it seems that more and more companies are utilising infographics as part of their digital marketing campaigns as well as PR efforts – and it’s obvious why. Infographics are a fabulous, eye-catching tool that allows companies to communicate complex concepts in a simple and effective manner to a wide audience. For those that don’t know what an infographic is, the Technopedia definition sums it up excellently: “An infographic is a visual representation of a data set or instructive material. An infographic takes a large amount of information in text or numerical form and then condenses it
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