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  • The Power of Video Communications

    Handling the PR for a client that has an interest in getting more women into engineering, I was captivated by GoldieBlox’s Princess Machine video, which tells us that girls deserve more choices than dolls and princess toys.  OK, GoldieBlox is all about selling more toys, but the video has a serious message that we learn our attitudes and beliefs about our capabilities from our cradle.  I liked this video so much, I decided to see how other brands are getting their ‘females can’  messages across through the power of video sharing. Always: Like A Girl Shot by the award-winning documentary
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  • Best Infographics

    Several years ago, infographics saw a surge in popularity. However, with everyone under the sun jumping on the bandwagon in order to bolster the presence of their brands, the inevitable happened: the web became saturated with terribly written, poorly designed infographics. While this has led some people to become  disenchanted with infographics, it’s important to remember that a genre of music is not to blame just because the artists within it are underwhelming. Provided you pick the right topic, conduct adequate research, and design an infographic intelligently, it can be an incredibly powerful medium of content marketing. Here are
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