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    Tips for developing your PR strategy

    One might assume that the most important factor in establishing a successful business is having novel products or services or a stand out venture, but there’s another vital element to consider; a great brand reputation. If your brand is unknown or worse, untrustworthy, this will hamper your chances of success. Building brand loyalty takes time and effort and PR is all about reputation building and management. It’s beneficial to put PR at the heart of your business from the outset as it will help to clarify and define what you want to say, when and where you want to
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  • How to tackle negative PR

    United States Founding Father, Benjamin Franklin, once said: “It takes many good deeds to build a good reputation, and only one bad one to lose it”. While Franklin lived in the 18th century, his words are even more applicable to today’s society. Thanks to the mass adoption of the internet, negative PR can spread like wildfire. For this reason, reputation management is now an integral skill for any PR professional. While it’s best to be diligent to avoid negative PR in the first place, when it does (inevitably) occur, here are some of the best ways to address it.
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  • The fundamentals of PR revisited

    For many companies providing goods and services in a competitive market place, on-going public relations is almost a necessity. There are many dimensions to cover in any PR campaign and the focus of your activities may shift from time to time. From straightforward press announcements to special promotions for new products and services, from press conferences to road shows, your PR activities will unfold through many forms and channels in the course of time. The particular vehicle you use will be determined by the aims and objectives of each campaign and the audiences you are trying to reach. It
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