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  • Flying Start to your B2B Launch

    In a previous article, we described the ways in which B2B companies can utilise PR to maximum effect. Today, we’re taking it to the next level, with 5 easy-to-follow rules that will help you to cut through the noise of a competitive market place and launch a B2B product successfully. Without an adequate launch strategy, even the most innovative product will collect dust when it should be providing value to customers. B2B leads tend to be better qualified than those for B2C, but come in at lower volume, so it’s important to bare this in mind when creating your
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  • Public relations: product launch – the devil’s in the detail

    Following on from Part 1 of creating your product launch, the key thing to keep at the forefront of your mind is the customer – the launch is all about them. A very common mistake is not asking for customer views and opinions. Some assumptions about your audiences may be well-founded but it’s essential to keep in close touch with changing trends in your product category and to monitor how customers are responding to these. Research Undertaking both secondary and primary market research will be a sound investment of time and budget. Testing branding and messages on future customers
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  • Public Relations: product launch – the creative

    Launching a new product is a scary business. It’s the time to find out how the world will react to what has been bubbling away in your organisation. It might be a huge open playing field out there, but it’s littered with other products. The chances are you are facing several competitors – so how do you make your product stand out?  Well, one thing is for sure; you need a creative concept that resonates with your customer. Let’s say you have a new weight loss regime to take to market. The scientists behind the new diet have found
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