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  • 27 PR and social media tips to boost your business – free eBook

    This free, easy-to-read, illustrated eBook – Getting to the Root of PR – is for SMEs who want to build their brand and profile through PR and get more value from their social media activity. Would you like to know why embedding PR at the heart of your business will help it to flourish?  And how about getting insights into developing an effective PR strategy and planning your PR campaign? The  step-by-step eBook will help you learn how to harness the power of PR and social media to elevate your brand to new heights.   The eBook is packed with
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  • Behind the scenes PR planning

    Creating stand-out PR is a bit like creating a piece of art – you need a team with an innate talent for the job, plus a clear vision of what you want to achieve, creative concepts and thorough planning and preparation. The planning involved in creating and delivering successful campaigns is generally obscure from clients, partly because PRs are taught to ‘tell clients the results, not the process.’ In my experience, when the client understands the process, it leads to a smoother and happier working relationship for both parties. As the client, you can influence the speed at which
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