Building a brand is about winning the trust of new customers and retaining the loyalty of existing ones. The brand should inspire confidence, communicate its aims clearly and consistently and engage audiences.  A strong brand assures its audiences that it will do the job, live up to expectations and make customers feel great about being associated with it.

Developing a brand strategy begins with identifying core values (or promises), the qualities which are most important, for example, integrity and first class customer service. The values must be evident in everything the company does internally and externally, including all communications.  The brand guides best practice and conveys a consistent public persona.

We work with companies to create fresh brand identities, and are especially good at revitalising the profile of businesses where the brand image is not reflective of their superb customer proposition. Clients hire us to help with re-branding and re-positioning, promotion, and the development of new initiatives.

Brand development work is underpinned by research to understand where companies sit in their market.  This includes not only the physical identity, but positioning statements and key messages. This ensures that we create an authentic identity that resonates with audiences.  We work with excellent designers who produce the creative concepts and take the chosen design route through to production and implementation across company assets including stationery, products, uniforms, vehicle fleet, exhibition and promotional material.