Event Management

Why use an event manager? People tend to ask themselves this question but often decide that they would probably be better off saving the money it would cost to hire an event manager and do the job themselves. At the same time as doing their own job. And where does this end? Often in tears because of the multiplicity of tasks involved and the stress of the extra work involved in making sure things go exactly to plan.

The event might be a public exhibition, a trade show or a VIP evening. It might be designed to show off a new product range, say thanks to loyal customers, reward hardworking staff or combine all three. It could simply be a party, or it might be a networking event. It might feature live entertainment, product displays, a guest host, a celebrity speaker, a sit down meal or a help yourself buffet. The point is that every event is multi-layered and managing them requires experience, flair and attention to detail in order to achieve the objectives.

While every event is held for a different purpose and the style will be unique, they all have the same DNA, and there are key steps which must be carried out in order to create the foundation upon which the rest of the event will be constructed. This is the legwork of event managing, and it involves sitting down and working out, with the client, just exactly what they hope to achieve and what ‘success’ will look like. It also means working through the logistics of an event, budgeting, target audiences, numbers, catering, venues, entertainment, risk assessment, health and safety and so much more!

Having dealt with core requirements of an event, we then work on the creative ideas, shaping the event and adding the bells and whistles which will make an event unique and totally apt for the audience.

We support events as part of the client team or can handle the process from beginning to end, dealing with every aspect, ensuring that clients have a successful, stress-free function and enjoys the event as it unfolds.