Media Relations

The stories you tell about your business through various forms of media can bolster  or hamper your chances of success.   Media relations is one of the most important elements of your PR programme and an integral part of telling your story whilst brand building.  The stories you generate should be based on sound data and a clear strategy that is  designed to help achieve your goals.

While it is true that the media landscape has changed dramatically since we have been seduced by the internet and use it for all manner of things including news gathering, the essence of media relations remains the same.  Yes, journalists are now responsible for a plethora of additional tasks (blogging, social media posts, video stories etc), but they still want original stories tailored to their needs; stories that appeal to readers, listeners and viewers.

Building good working relationships with journalists, getting to understand their interests and providing them with great exclusives backed up with supporting collateral (eg interviewees, research, images, infographics etc) is an essential part of the service we offer.

However, traditional media are  not the only platforms that can be used to build brand awareness – influential bloggers (be they traditional journalists or the new wave of independent niche bloggers) are important and can transmit your story to a whole new audience; assuming you hit the right interest button.

Then there is the opportunity for self-publishing through a company blog for example, and then promoting the content through  social media.  This creates excellent opportunities to raise brand awareness and engage with customers and prospects on all campaigns.

Using a professional PR team is an investment in your business strategy.  Telling your story requires skill, experience, a knowledge of the way in which the media landscape is changing and a degree of detachment. Your closeness to your own business might stop you from spotting the stories you have to tell.

We take an objective view of your business and communications challenges and work with you to develop campaigns that will make your target audiences stop, look and listen to your story.

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