PR Messaging Workshops
How you tell your story is crucial to the impact you make on your audiences. Your messages must reflect their interests.

You are so close to your business, stepping back and taking a fresh look at how the business is presented will be invaluable.

The starting point is a messaging workshop where we explore with you current customer perceptions of your brand, competitor profiles, the effectiveness of what you are currently saying about your business and how things may need to change for the future.

This is a fantastic opportunity to fine tune your messages and to then apply these across your different communications platforms to ensure that you are delivering powerful, succinct and relevant messages at all times.

Cascading from the messaging workshops is presentation skills training for members of your team who are responsible for presenting the company to customers, influencers, the media or the wider public. Presentation training ensures that speakers can deliver the company story with conviction

Business Effectiveness Workshops

Our skilled trainer, Gill Dandy, offers 1 to 2.5-hour coaching and training workshops designed to help  you to develop more effective working practices, be more ‘business ready’ and ensure that everything your staff does contribute positively to your brand.

The Sessions

Manage your time …. more effectively
Handle customers …. more effectively
Deal with difficult situations .… more effectively
Communicate with media, clients and colleagues …. more effectively
Deliver presentations …. more effectively
Write presentations and speeches .… more effectively
Network .… more effectively

In Short….

Seven sessions to help you succeed in being more effective in the business. Be business ready with bespoke small group workshops and 1-2-1 coaching sessions that are tailored to you and your business needs.

Manage your time …. more effectively

Who hasn’t wished there was more time in the day?

Driven by deadlines and demands we struggle to fit it all in. There might not be any more time, but work – and life – doesn’t have to always be like this. Prioritising and planning are essential skills that can be learned and put into practice.

Handle customers …. more effectively

‘A business isn’t a business without any customers’

For a business to thrive you need to get and keep your customers …but not at all costs.
Understanding the principles of good customer care – and the customer who isn’t always right – can help you and your business to be more effective.

Discover how much more effective it is when you handle your customers with care.

How we behave with customers impacts on the reputation of the organisation. Embedding excellent customer communication and care into all aspects of the operation is essential to sustain a good reputation.

Deal with difficult situations .… more effectively

When facing a difficult or awkward situation do you….

Stumble over your words?
Clam up?
Feel you really have put your ‘foot’ in it?

If you’ve ever felt you couldn’t think of the right thing to say at the time, assertiveness communications techniques will help you.

Not being able to speak up in difficult situations or finding yourself not being listened to when you do is not the most effective of working practices.

Understanding the principles of good customer care and putting them into practice can help you deal with a range of situations more effectively.

There may come a time when the organisation is experiencing a crisis that could undermine its future. Being assertive during difficult times is absolutely essential for success.

Communicate with media, clients and colleagues…. more effectively

Communication is complicated…. You may know what your want to say but if the customers or media you are communicating with just don’t ‘get it’ have you communicated well?

And, getting it wrong can be damaging – especially in business where time is money and reputation is everything. Understanding the challenges and discovering the solutions will be time – and money – well spent.

Deliver presentations…. more effectively

Giving a charismatic presentation with confidence is a consummate business skill

Sadly, the thought of making a presentation in fills many of us with fear and trepidation. It doesn’t have to be like that.

Knowing what you want to say and how to say it are skills that can be learned, you just need to put them into practice as well.

Discover the ‘who’, ‘what’, ‘where’, ‘why’ and ‘when’ of delivering presentations more effectively.

Acquiring the skills will increase your confidence and competence and help you shine in many situations from presenting at events to giving media interviews.

Write presentations and speeches .… more effectively

There is more to delivering an effective presentation than ‘how you tell ‘um.’

Speech writing is a specialist skill and being able to craft a persuasive presentation is a powerful business asset that can be taught as well as ‘caught’.

Creative content; memorable messages and simple yet strategic structures are the keys that can unlock the potential in your presentation.

Delivering speeches is an important way to build the reputation of your business, and while you may receive help from your PR team to write a speech, it’s important that your personality shines through the speech and that means getting involved in the creation of the speech.

Network .… more effectively

If the question is “How do I win friends and influence people?” professional networking could be the answer.

But, if you are looking to build mutually beneficial business relationships that enhance your organisation’s reputation for years to come – then networking is definitely a solution.

Networking with the right people is a key element of building your reputation and brand visibility among your target markets.

Discover the real value and art of networking and building those long-term life changing business relations more effectively.

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