Launch of The Choral Foundation

Launching the new charity and creating a positive environment in which to raise £1.5m. The funds will be used to protect the future of music at The Chapel Royal, Hampton Court Palace and repair the historical organ.  

We also had to increase awareness of The Chapel Royal and attract more visitors and parishioners.

With minimal  PR budget, it was essential to use the assets available – we created a media photocall opportunity of the Choirboys skating at Hampton Court Palace Ice Rink wearing their bright red cassocks
Pitched the story to media picture desks and Getty Images
The photocall captivated media attention, producing 40 articles in national and international media, including in The Times, Daily Mail, Evening Standard, Metro, Sun Guardian, BBC News Online, plus local and choir magazines.
Half the financial target was raised in the first six months of the campaign and a healthy ‘pipeline’ of prospective donors was built.  The historical organ has been restored to its former glory.
There was a 20% uplift in attendance at The Chapel Royal.
The Choral Foundation launched a new website, generating 5,500 visits within the first month.  Twitter and Facebook were set up for the launch and today are used to promote ongoing fundraising and the programme of events.

Keeping Music Alive at The Chapel Royal, Hampton Court Palace

Fortune worked for Hampton Court Palace, The Chapel Royal Choral Foundation, masterminding the public relations campaign. Local, national and international press coverage has significantly strengthened the charity, raised its profile and helped to establish it in the minds of a broad audience. Althea is an expert in her field.
Jon Round, Chairman, The Choral Foundation, The Chapel Royal, Hampton Court Palace