Sainsbury Management Fellows

SMF awards MBA scholarships that enable engineers to realise their dream of becoming business leaders and entrepreneurs.

Working closely with the director of communications, we manage a wide range of activity to attract applicants for the awards, present SMF as a commentator on business and engineering issues and promote the achievements of the Fellows.

The wide-ranging programme includes:

Media campaign encompassing profiling the achievements of Fellows, business advice and opinion pieces on MBA, business and engineering issues.
Expert articles/blog programme in Entrepreneur Country, The Engineer and the SMF website.
 Debates, for example on Bitcoin, Women on Boards,  Tax Havens and Crowdfunding.
Annual SMF Hard Hat Index which highlights that engineers do far more than hard hat jobs.
Co-writing and promoting publications including Re-engineering Boards and Engineering New Horizons, a book featuring the achievements of 25 SMFs.
Website content management and social media activity.
Joint ventures such as the Engineers in Business Competition with Nottingham University Business School/University.
   Stimulating applications for the scholarship through media articles and social media activity.
   Support with internal communications, eg SMF members and  charity fundraising newsletters

Brand Building for Sainsbury Management Fellows

We have used PR agencies for many years and in my experience it is typical to hire an agency that is keen in the first flush and works well for about two or three years. After that time, they just seem to run out of ideas and enthusiasm. Not true about Fortune! From the very start their ideas and enthusiasm surpassed all other contenders. Their momentum has not waned, and our director is a constant source of inspiration and new ideas.
Cathy Breeze, Director of Communications, Sainsbury Management Fellows Society