6 great social media hacks

Social media hacks

Anyone can use social media, but there’s certainly a learning curve if you want to get the best results. Whether you’re looking to boost brand awareness, improve customer retention or promote your content effectively, these awesome social media hacks will help you on your mission.

1. Create social media images using Canva
In most cases, graphic design is best left to the professionals. While it would never be a good idea to design your own ebooks or infographics (unless you’re an expert designer), social media images is one exception to the rule. With the highly powerful graphic design tool, Canva, anyone with limited design knowledge can create engaging social media images. Canva is particularly useful for social media because it has an abundance of different layouts tailored to each platform.. Using Canva can revolutionise the visual impact of your social media channels.

2. Tag and mention experts
Throughout your blog posts, it’s likely that you reference experts and thought leaders on a regular basis. Whenever you give someone a mention in your content, make sure to reach out to them on social media too. People love to see their work receive recognition, particularly if you’ve quoted them. This will encourage them to share the article with their audience, allowing you to gain some new fans from their followers.

3. Track your followers
Whenever you follow someone on Twitter, you’ll naturally hope that they reciprocate and follow you back. Sometimes a person will follow you back, only to unfollow you a few weeks later to make their followers/following ratio look more impressive. Trying to ensure that you are primarily following people who are following you back can be difficult to manage. Fortunately, the tool Friend or Follow is designed for this specific purpose. It’s easy to use, works with multiple accounts and is affordably priced.

4. Find out the best times to tweet
Determining which time of the day is best to tweet often feels like trial and error. You want your tweets to gain traction, but can’t figure out whether it’s best to post during the lunch break, after work or in the early morning. Fortunately, Tweriod is an excellent tool which analyses your tweets and provides you with recommended times for tweeting. It’s simple but extremely effective if you want your updates to be seen by as many people as possible.

5. Schedule your Instagram posts in advance
It’s no secret that 2016 is the year of visual content. Instagram is an extremely powerful platform, but using it can take up a lot of time. Instead of logging into Instagram several times a day to post, why not schedule all your Instagram content at the beginning of the week? Schedugram has a simple interface and works with multiple accounts. Highly recommended!

6. Analyse and share trending content
Whether you’re looking for an idea for the topic of your next blog post or want some interesting articles to share to your followers on social media, try using Buzzsumo. Choose your niche and then sort the content by the number of total shares. This will give you some amazing insights into the kind of content that people are interested in based on your niche.

Brett Mchale, writing for Wordstream, states: “The search function on BuzzSumo is dynamic because not only can you find your content by entering its title, you can search any keywords, topics, or domains to gauge the social media buzz of each.”

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