How to use Quuu for business

Quuu for business

The latest in our series of blogs on social media tools, Quuu is a name which may not be familiar to everybody. Many small business owners don’t have the time or inclination to keep their Twitter or Facebook feeds updated regularly. It can be a challenge to maintain a following if you have other more urgent tasks to handle. Quuu might just be the answer.

What is Quuu?
In essence, Quuu is a content curator. Thousands of articles are filtered to find the very best pieces on subjects that are relevant to your business. You set the number of pieces you’d like to receive from 300 potential categories, and Quuu will then suggest relevant handpicked content. You can then post links to this content, engaging your followers and growing your presence on whichever social media platform you’re using.

How best to utilise it?
However, Quuu isn’t all you need to make your Twitter feed automatic. You’ll also need Buffer, a social media management platform. Basically, Quuu will offer pertinent content suggestions and users can schedule them as posts using Buffer. It will also show you how well they’re engaging with your (growing) audience. The latter can also be used to manage all of your social media profiles from one place, with one login. Both Buffer and Quuu have free, albeit limited options, so you can test the system before making any financial commitment.

Quuu promote
Quuu isn’t just for maintaining your profile. It can also be used to promote your own content. For a fee, Quuu will include your material as part of its offering to other clients, as described by Foliovision:

“It’s quite brilliant actually. You pay them to promote your content and other people pay them to post third-party content such as yours. The articles can be submitted into a few categories. Each of them has a different reach range and comes with a different fee.”

Despite the bonuses, the traffic you generate through Quuu Promote may not be the most valuable. If you’re attempting to boost your SEO scores and social media presence it’s a good tool, but it’s not very effective at generating quality traffic. This is because the people using Quuu to post content often do so several times a day, diluting your impact. It also means that the people seeing a link to your post may not actually be interested in your topic.

Less is more
There is scope to use Quuu to post several times a day on all your accounts. Whilst it might be tempting to fill your feeds with a variety of content, your users will not appreciate seeing 15 posts from you in one day. This kind of content spamming will quickly become frustrating and will actually be counter-productive.

Although Quuu posts automatically, think of it as being an extension of your own real life posting and engagement activities. If you had all the time in the world, would you really publish 20 or 30 tweets a day?

You also need to check content before the actual posts appear on your feed. That’s because the chosen topic categories can be broad, and articles chosen may not always contain messages you want associated with your business. With the paid version you can set an alert for blogs so you can review them beforehand, and delete any extraneous pieces from Buffer. The free version doesn’t include this feature, so you’ll have to be proactive about checking posts before they go out.

On balance, Quuu is a great tool for providing quality content that can help to grow your social media interaction and following. For more on how social media platforms can help your business, why not check out one of our other posts from this series?

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