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Despite what the characters Patsy and Eddie invoke about the world of PR in ‘Absolutely Fabulous’, it isn’t all champagne and vodka. Public Relations requires a great set of skills and the ability to handle complex campaigns for a variety of brands. Here at Fortune PR, we love to find those bloggers who explain the many diverse and fascinating aspects of PR in the 21st century, giving their tips and ideas on becoming the best of the best in their PR blogs. Sometimes, it can be a headache for even the most seasoned PR professionals, so a little advice from our peers is always welcomed.

Here are our top 10 PR blogs you must read.

1. The Skimm
Amassing a whopping 142k followers on Twitter, The Skimm is popular for good reason. Offering a wealth of straightforward, no-nonsense, factual blurbs that give insight on a wide range of topics, with a particular focus on social media and its many facets.

2. Stephen Waddington
With the tagline public relations, marketing and social media thinking and doing, Stephen Waddington gives us just that. With many strings to his bow including being Partner and Chief Engagement Officer at Ketchum, Stephen imparts sage advice and in-depth insights on the many facets of PR.

3. Mark My Words
Mark Borkowski is an amazing man, quite simply, a university dropout, he has reinvented business model time and again, adapting to the ever-changing world of communications, since his first job as a grassroots theatre promoter. His blog Mark My Words is a sterling collection of insightful words.

4. PRMoment Blog
Launched by publishing director Ben Smith in 2009, it now features an eclectic mix of contributors and manifold of topics, the PRMoment Blog is exciting, as you can read a great range of thoughts from a genuinely interesting collection of people. Each and every one has their own unique experiences, and give a range of awesome advice.

5. Lewis 360o
Doing their bit for the special relationship, Lewis 360o has contributors from the US and UK. From recipes for marketing success to the new rules of influencer relations, it’s a genuinely engaging and fun blog.

5. L2Daily
Covering the PR industry with a specific focus on brands, L2Daily is lively, bold and full of spirit, the content is always refreshing and the editorial tone is one of excitement and passion. Definitely, a must read.

7. Norton’s Notes
With 17 years in the industry, Chris Norton knows his stuff, in Norton’s Notes, Chris uses his blog to share his opinions on crisis management, online PR, and social media. An award-winning public relations practitioner, Chris has a superb head on his shoulders and this blog is a feast of articulate knowledge.

8. Berkeley PR Blog
Since 1998, the Berkeley PR blog has become a trusted source. Began by CEO Chris Hewitt, the blog has become the go-to for astounding editorials on a vast array of PR related topics, picking the best contributors, Berkeley PR blog is truly exceptional.

9. The PR Coach
Without a doubt one of Canada’s best PR Blogs, The PR Coach is a smorgasbord of tips and tools that truly enhance your skills. Each post never lacks in greatness and you can easily spend hours devouring them.

10. Neville Hobson
“Perspectives at the intersection of business, communication, and technology” are the words you’re greeted with at Neville Hobson’s blog. One of the UK’s most influential PR bloggers Neville imparts his knowledge from 25 years’ experience, focusing on communication technologies and its effect on the PR industry.

Hopefully, we’ve sourced some wonderful surprises for you, and we’re sure these blogs will keep you informed and enthused for a long time to come.


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