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  • Fake news

    News, but not as we know it

    Journalists and PR professionals recognised the power of social media early on as a useful tool for the dissemination of information. Stories could potentially reach millions of people, as users shared articles with a tap of the finger. Advertising and marketing have been altered irrevocably, and can be targeted at people who actually have an interest in buying a product or learning about a campaign issue. However, the last few years have seen a dramatic shift in the sharing of information and news stories, presenting a titanic challenge to clients and their brands. False, or Fake News You would
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  • Quuu for business

    How to use Quuu for business

    The latest in our series of blogs on social media tools, Quuu is a name which may not be familiar to everybody. Many small business owners don’t have the time or inclination to keep their Twitter or Facebook feeds updated regularly. It can be a challenge to maintain a following if you have other more urgent tasks to handle. Quuu might just be the answer. What is Quuu? In essence, Quuu is a content curator. Thousands of articles are filtered to find the very best pieces on subjects that are relevant to your business. You set the number of pieces
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  • Slack square

    Using Slack for your business

    Social media platforms have made it easier than ever to communicate with potential consumers. However, Slack is not just for the public, it’s also for your own employees. Instead of using email, or messaging services like Whatsapp, this is a product developed entirely for businesses. Read on to find out how Slack is transforming the way we communicate at work, and how best to harness it. What Slack Offers Founded by the same people who created Flickr, the photo-sharing app, Slack has taken the business world by storm. It sells itself as a chatting app, allowing businesses to set up
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  • Reddit logo

    Reddit for business

    Welcome back to our award-winning blog on using social media to boost your business’ online profile. This post details the benefits you can enjoy by using internet juggernaut Reddit to increase site visits, sales and clicks. Reddit calls itself “the front page of the internet”, using categorised forums called ‘subreddits’ to separate content into easy-to-manage sections. Users subscribe to the subreddits they’re interested in, whether that’s politics, videogames or cat pictures. Because of its structure and rules it can be tricky for newbies to get the hang of using Reddit for business, so let’s take a look at some best practices
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  • Ello screenshot

    Using Ello for business

    What is Ello? Ello markets itself as a different kind of social network, claiming the unique selling point of being ad-free and also refusing to log and request users’ information when they visit the site. The creators tout a manifesto that includes their words: “We believe a social network can be a tool for empowerment,” the founders write. “Not a tool to deceive, coerce, and manipulate – but a place to connect, create, and celebrate life.” The lack of advertising on the site might seem like a deterrent to businesses using it. However, just as with other social media platforms like
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  • Google+

    Google+ and business

    As we’ve established already, different social media platforms require different strategies and a flexible approach. There is no one-size-fits-all solution – rather you need to show a willingness to adapt. Simply pushing the same message in the same way on the wrong platform will actually put users off, something you can’t afford. Google+ is the focus of the latest of our pieces on social media and business, and the numbers suggest it is home to over 2 billion users. There is some dispute over its actual popularity (allegedly only ten percent of its users are classed as ‘active’) but
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  • Medium logo

    Using Medium for business

    Medium is one of the smaller social media platforms available to businesses but it is still exceptionally useful in the right hands. As we’ve established in this series of articles, your social media presence should depend on the amount of time and workforce you’re willing or able to devote to it. Medium is not a platform that should be used exclusive of all others, since it appeals to something of a niche market. That doesn’t mean it isn’t worth studying to decide if it’s right for you and your business. What is Medium? It is described as a, “Blog publishing
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  • Tumblr icon

    Business and Tumblr

    Tumblr is one of the more difficult social media networks for marketers to master. With 200 million users and 80 million blogs posted every single day, it’s easy to get lost in the noise. Content which is derivative and sales-oriented will gain you nothing – original creativity will be received warmly, regardless of aim. That’s why Tumblr is ranked as number 1 for ‘social sentiment’ towards brands. The message is clear, use this platform correctly and it can be hugely rewarding. Broaden your scope Tumblr sets itself apart as a ‘microblogging’ site. For you this means fewer limits on
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  • Facebook for business

    There might be some monks on a mountain somewhere who haven’t heard of Facebook. Nearly everyone else seems to have an account – which means if you aren’t at least exploring Facebook for clients you could be missing a trick. Campaigns can be run for little outlay but can garner widespread attention if done correctly. Facebook allows companies to communicate directly with their consumers. Your page is your voice. The message, then The key to using Facebook for business is to craft the right message. Don’t imagine that you know best –  meticulous research of your customers and what
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  • Media profile

    How to grow your media profile

    No matter how big or small your business is, or what industry you’re in, a media profile is important. As well as helping to attract new customers, raise brand awareness and give your company a reliable image, a good media profile will help you to grow and develop your business. However, getting the right corporate image across to the media is notoriously difficult. If you’re doing the work yourself, it can be tough to know how to carefully craft a press release or tailor a social media campaign. To help get you started, and to give you a few
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