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    Rocketium for business

    During our series on the use of social media for businesses, we’ve seen that each platform requires a different approach. Twitter rewards conversation starters, whereas Facebook means building a following. However, platforms like YouTube and Instagram require businesses to create their own content. This can be difficult for some. Content takes time and effort to produce, as well as a creative mindset that may not be readily available. Here, to tackle this problem is Rocketium, a new way of creating videos for your social media presence. How it works Rocketium is a tool to create videos and gifs to draw
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    YouTube for business

    YouTube has been around since 2005 and, since being bought by Google, it’s much more than just a video-streaming service. It is now linked to the rest of Google’s subsidiaries, including its social media platform Google+. YouTube is also an intrinsic part of Facebook, where it appears on almost every feed nowadays as embedded videos. Despite its obvious appeal, it is actually one of the more difficult platforms to master for businesses – since most people are not in the habit of making music videos, or movies. The challenge So, the question people ask themselves is this – how does
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