Crisis Management

The best form of crisis management is not to have a crisis. But no business can predict what will happen – a crisis can come from an incident within your business, you can be drawn into one through association with a business partner or supplier, or through public activism.

Whether you are a large or small business, crisis preparation will help you deal properly and sensitively with unexpected incidents that can cause problems for the business, personnel, customers or the wider public. Equally, preparation can reveal areas of the business that can be strengthened, minimising or eliminating risks.

Effective crisis management requires firm leadership from the onset of a problem. With pre-defined policies, strategies and decision-making process in place so that the crisis teams (logistic and communications) can act immediately.

We provide the following services to enable clients to communicate effectively in the event of a crisis:

Risk analysis
Policy and procedures for dealing with a crisis
Stakeholder research
Communications strategies
Crisis scenario role playing/testing
Frontline media and stakeholder support during a crisis situation