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  • Avoid turning a drama into a crisis

    A calamity can ruin a company’s reputation and in some extreme circumstances, can destroy the business permanently. Because of the unpredictability of such events and the tendency of media coverage adding fuel to the fire, crisis management has become an integral part of any strategic PR agency’s repertoire. In a previous article, we covered some of the golden rules for effective crisis communications management – in this article we will provide you with real world examples of businesses who have handled potentially-damaging situations with expert finesse. 1.JC Penny Retail giant JC Penny released a teapot with what turned out to be an unfortunate
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  • 5 golden rules of crisis communications

    According to The Business Dictionary, the term ‘crisis communication’ refers to “the effort taken by a company to communicate with the public and stockholders when an unexpected event occurs that could have a negative impact on the company’s reputation.” A calamitous event such as this can come in a plethora of forms, including (but not limited to): a natural disaster, a failure in business practice, inappropriate employee misconduct and mass redundancies. In certain situations, you will be given forewarning before the crisis hits, which will allow you to generate a comprehensive crisis communications strategy – however in the majority
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  • Crisis, what crisis? what’s your plan?

    Crisis! Such a strong and emotive word, conjuring up unimaginable disaster, that it seems unlikely that a crisis could ever hit your business, right? Wrong! Whether you run a FTSE company or a charity, a good reputation is essential for success and a poorly managed crisis can damage reputation. Organisations invest considerable time and money in building trust between their brand and their stakeholders – from staff and customers to investors and legislators – and poor crisis communications management can shake confidence very quickly. Wise organisations will have a robust business continuity plan that kicks into place if a
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