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  • Youtube for business

    YouTube for business

    YouTube has been around since 2005 and, since being bought by Google, it’s much more than just a video-streaming service. It is now linked to the rest of Google’s subsidiaries, including its social media platform Google+. YouTube is also an intrinsic part of Facebook, where it appears on almost every feed nowadays as embedded videos. Despite its obvious appeal, it is actually one of the more difficult platforms to master for businesses – since most people are not in the habit of making music videos, or movies. The challenge So, the question people ask themselves is this – how does
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  • The word share on different coloured backgrounds

    How do I promote my infographic?

    Infographics are powerful tools for communicating information in a way that resonates with today’s internet users. By using a combination of visual imagery and concise text, you can really get your message across and engage people in a way that simply isn’t possible with textual content. While it’s all well and good taking the time to create an awesome infographic, what do you do when the infographic is complete? If you want to generate engagement with your infographic and boost the awareness of your brand, promotion is just as important as design. Jeff Bullas states, “Due to infographics attractiveness
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  • Is public speaking good for your business?

    Despite the fact there are no physical threats involved, the fear of public speaking is surprisingly common. It has been suggested that this fear is evolutionary in origin. In ancient, hunter-gatherer societies, humans survived their hostile environments by forming into groups. Thus, ostracisation from the group would typically result in death, which is perhaps why we are so afraid of being rejected by our peers we’re giving a speech in the present day. However, for those who are able to push outside their comfort zone and master the art of public speaking, there are tremendous benefits in store. In
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  • Best Infographics

    Several years ago, infographics saw a surge in popularity. However, with everyone under the sun jumping on the bandwagon in order to bolster the presence of their brands, the inevitable happened: the web became saturated with terribly written, poorly designed infographics. While this has led some people to become  disenchanted with infographics, it’s important to remember that a genre of music is not to blame just because the artists within it are underwhelming. Provided you pick the right topic, conduct adequate research, and design an infographic intelligently, it can be an incredibly powerful medium of content marketing. Here are
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  • Promoting new homes to local buyers

    After a new development has been completed, property developers are left with the task of filling the new residential properties. At the initial stages of obtaining planning permission for the property, local communities should have been informed regarding new housing opportunities, which should help to spread the word once the development is finally complete. Pre-marketing will also help to attract off-plan buyers (before the development is completed). However, to attract buyers for the properties as fast as possible it helps to implement a comprehensive marketing and PR campaign, which may include some of the following: Pre-marketing You can use
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  • The letting agent’s guide for finding tenants and landlords

    According to the latest census figures, the proportion of UK households being rented has increased in the past decade from 31 per cent to 36 per cent. In popular areas such as Westminster, one in every four households is rented! With such a high demand for rental accommodation, estate agencies are making a substantial profit from renting out buy-to-let properties. If you are looking to become successful at renting properties, there are two things you’ll need: tenants and landlords. Here are some top tips for making sure that you have plenty of homes to fill, and plenty of people
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  • 4 alternative approaches to infographic design

    In a previous article, we demonstrated how the integration of infographics into your digital content marketing campaign can bring wonderful results for your business, particularly in terms of raising the profile of your brand and improving the SEO ranking of your site. Arguably the most popular use of an infographic is to visualise data, whether it be the results of a survey or statistics of consumerism – infographics can be used to communicate a wide range of information succinctly. One example of an excellent data visualisation infographic that went super-viral is the Death and Taxes infographic by Timeplots. This infographic
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  • Keeping up the PR function in changing times

    Building and maintaining a good reputation for your organisation takes time, and there are moving pieces that need to be looked after all the time. There is therefore a need to ensure that your public relations strategy takes into account the opinions and expectations of those whose decisions can ultimately impact your business for better or for worse. The influences can range from customers to suppliers, from employees to shareholders and opinion-makers. We suggested in a recent blog post that it is wise to revisit the fundamentals of PR from time to time to ensure your PR strategy is
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