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    Tips for developing your PR strategy

    One might assume that the most important factor in establishing a successful business is having novel products or services or a stand out venture, but there’s another vital element to consider; a great brand reputation. If your brand is unknown or worse, untrustworthy, this will hamper your chances of success. Building brand loyalty takes time and effort and PR is all about reputation building and management. It’s beneficial to put PR at the heart of your business from the outset as it will help to clarify and define what you want to say, when and where you want to
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    Using QR codes to promote your business

    Despite the fact that QR codes have been around for decades, they have only really entered the public consciousness since the advent of the smartphone. QR codes, also known as Quick Response codes share a similar appearance to the kind of bar-codes that you would find in your everyday supermarket, yet they contain a far greater amount of information. From a marketing perspective, they provide an excellent bridge from the offline to digital world. QR codes can be used to send consumers to digital landing pages to increase visibility and the effectiveness of their marketing. Here are some of
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    Is radio is still essential in PR?

    In the era of social media, smartphone devices and live streaming, it’s easy to assume that marketing your brand via radio would be completely archaic. While it’s been around for a long time, radio actually has many advantages over other communication channels in terms of generating positive PR. Here are some of the reasons it’s worth considering radio as a PR tool. Targeted demographics If you’re looking to target a teenage demographic, Snapchat is arguably the best tool out there. However, if your demographic is more wide-ranging or older (particularly 55 years old and up), radio can provide you
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  • Use eBooks to boost brand awareness

    Producing an eBook has certin advantages over other content mediums. eBooks are particularly good if you wish to go the extra mile to deliver value. Sometimes an infographic or a blog post can only cover so much information, so it makes sense to use an eBook for extended discussions. eBooks are also highly shareable, visually engaging and are a great way to solicit opt-ins for your newsletter. Here are some of the things to keep in mind when creating an eBook. Know your audience In order to build brand awareness, it’s important that you tailor your eBook to your
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  • Why your staff are your greatest PR advocate

    When you think of good PR tools, a well crafted press release or a flashy advertising video might come to mind. However, your employees can be just as important for PR purposes as any other tool in the book, yet they are often overlooked. Your employees already have an intimate understanding of your brand, company goals and your target audience, so it makes a lot of sense to harness their goodwill and enthusiasm and use it to generate positive PR for the brand. Here are some of the ways you can encourage your employees to become brand advocates. Social
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  • How to pull off a PR stunt

    Publicity stunts are an excellent way to bring attention to a brand, and are particularly valuable for small businesses who lack significant PR budgets. Doing something unusual, entertaining or shocking and associating it with your brand can bring a huge return on investment, particularly if the stunt is recorded on video and subsequently goes viral. However, PR stunts don’t always work well (as in the case of a man who interrupted the Olympics by leaping from the diving board wearing a tutu with the words written on his chest). Good stunts must not only elicit a positive emotional
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  • How to run a successful email marketing campaign

    Legendary entrepreneur and marketer, Gary Vaynerchuk, has often discussed his glorious successes with email marketing in the late 90s. Because there was very little competition back then, Vaynerchuk’s marketing emails to promote his digital wine business received a staggering 90% open rate. It’s no secret that such a high open rate would be practically impossible now – in 2016, an open rate of 25% would be considered great. Particularly for the younger generation who have grown up on the internet and have been marketed to from day one, most people are very good at detecting when someone is overtly
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  • How to make news appealing to journalists

    We live and breathe our businesses.  Everything in our business is interesting to us and it’s easy to get tunnel vision and think what we do will transfix others as well!  We are in for a rude awakening if we think our daily endeavours are intrinsically newsworthy. For a story to find its way into the media, it must meet certain criteria and that’s where the skill of a PR/communications team come into play. They will be objective about the company’s news and look to create campaigns that offer fresh impossible-to-ignore stories.  Let’s look at what’s needed to spark
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    Using social media as a PR tool: Periscope

    Owned by Twitter, Periscope is a new live-streaming video application which is currently all the rage in the PR world. Periscope is the world’s fastest growing social media platform with 40 million accounts being registered within the first four months of the launch. The ability to live-stream direct from your phone enables businesses to create a direct channel of communication with their audiences like never before, improving brand loyalty and boosting exposure as a consequence. Here are some of the ways in which Periscope can be used in PR activity. Humanise a brand If you’re trying to build a
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  • How to make your PR consultancy bust a gut for you

    Let’s face it, there are great and terrible client/agency relationships – the latter obviously don’t last very long. Building a strong client/agency relationship is about so much more than a contract and an exchange of labour and fees; it’s about sharing a vision and passion to get the prize at the end of the rainbow, whether that is more sales, a bigger reputation or brand, selling a company or raising funds for charity. If you’ve not worked with a consultancy before, outsourcing your PR can be a difficult mental hurdle to jump but there are many advantages – independent,
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